Intermediate and Advanced Levels B2 and C1 After achieving the language level B1 (Zertifikat Deutsch - German Language Certification), students have the option to broaden and deepen their knowledge of German through an additional 200 class hours at the language level B2. This language level is needed if the student wishes to go further in their profession, education or acquire an internship. For those who intend to study at a German university, a language competence at level C1 is required. To reach this level, an additional German course with 200 class hours can be taken. Intermediate Level B2 Competent Language Use You can follow discussions with ease and write simple essays. B2.1 / Module 7 (100 Class Hours) Themes - Describing people and personal characteristics - Detailed resumes - Dealing with non-fiction texts - Writing formal and personal letters - Purchasing conversations - Describing pictures Grammar  - Declension of adjectives - Adjectives with fixed prepositions - Verbs with prepositions - Structure of the verb - Negation - Use of past subjunctive   B2.2 / Module 8 (100 Class Hours) Themes - Writing applications - Indirect speech - Making a telephone call - Understanding radio and television news - Nominalization - Conducting interviews - Making statements Grammar - Word order in sentences - Negation - Various functions of "es" - Two-part connectors - Relative clauses with "wer" - Modal sentences - Passive and passive substitutes - Indefinite pronouns - Prepositions with genitive - Passive with "sein" - Comparative clauses in past subjunctive - Participles as adjectives - Indirect speech with present subjunctive - Modal particle - Noun-verb-compound   Advanced Level C1 Competent Language Use You can write essays and read literature. The C1 level allows for study at the university level.   C1.1 / Module 9 (100 Class Hours) Themes - Conducting interviews - Understanding and analyzing the news - Writing formal and informal letters - Giving short presentations - Private E-Mail - Professional life - High School / University - Dialects - Economy / Globalization - Life's goals Grammar - Declension of adjectives after articles - Structure after the noun - Attribute - Continuing subordinate clauses - Reviewing speech: Prepositions, sentences with "wie," present subjunctive - Nominal and verbal style C1.2 / Module 10 (100 Class Hours) Themes - Health - Nutrition - Crime and criminal law - Psychology - Brain research - Questions of upbringing - Art and literature Grammar - Infinitive clauses - Distinctive features of the passive voice - Prepositions with dative / genitive - Verbs with genitive - Subjective modal verbs - Separable and non-separable verbs - Connectors - Participial classes - Phrasing suggestions: Future I / Future II